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Are you ready to strengthen your spiritual gifts?
Would you like to learn more about spirituality?
Do you resonate with the Angels? 

You will experience:

  • Weekly Angel Card Readings that will offer you support and guidance for the upcoming weeks 

  • A deeper understanding of the Angelic Realm and discover how they are here to assist us (PDF format)

  • How to communicate with Angels through Signs and Symbols (PDF format)

  • A monthly guided meditation video that will take you on a journey inwards where you will connect to a different Divine Being of Light each month


You will experience everything TIER ONE has to offer PLUS: 

  • A monthly LIVE Q & A!!  You will have the opportunity to ask any question about spirituality or the Angels

  • A monthly video demonstrating a practical Spiritual Tool for you to incorporate into your daily life. This includes learning how to create a Sacred Circle, creating an Altar, charging Crystals, and more!


You will experience:

  • ALL of the material offered in Tier 1 & 2 

  • A monthly Angel Card Reading that entitles you to ask one question. You will receive a video recording of your guidance which will be sent to your email address monthly.  

Join the community and together we will explore popular spiritual topics including how to protect your energy, how to work with crystals, how to activate your third eye and so much more! We will go on adventures together using our inner sight (third eye) and meet Angels, Elementals, and Ascended Masters. Every month you will receive the opportunity to develop your intuition and connect with your true authentic self. 

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