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Reiki Treatment


As we continue to move through a global pandemic, many are facing relationship challenges, family division, as well as grief and loss. A lot of these life experiences can bring up wounds from the past, as far back as childhood or womb space. When we are unable to move through these heavy emotions they can become stored in our cellular memory, and over time this stagnant energy will create blockages in our chakras and meridians. This results in pain and can lead to chronic illness. New Earth Angel Reiki is a healing technique that brings awareness to blocked chakras, as well as the emotions suppressed there.

Shadow work can feel overwhelming to process on your own, which is why Andrea is here to offer guidance. She works with the Angels, guiding her clients to discover the root of what is behind their pain, transmuting lower vibrational energy back into love, truth and light. The beautiful part about these sessions is that they not only bring awareness to old programming, but they also hold the power to offer healing at a cellular level. When we are able to clear our energetic field of denser energy, we are able to hold more light and love. 

During an Angel Reiki Session you will discover which of your chakras are blocked. Andrea will then guide you into this chakra in order to discover the root memory behind the physical blockage. Together with the assistance of the Angels, these limiting beliefs will be cleared from your cellular memory in exchange for truth. You will leave the session feeling lighter energetically, your chakras will be balanced & restored, and you will become less triggered by your environment. 

  • Heal childhood trauma including abandonment issues, abuse, self worth issues, etc. 

  • Clear blockages that may be limiting you from fully accessing your spiritual gifts  

  • Heal limiting beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing healthy relationships 

  • Address limiting beliefs that are holding you in a state of poverty   

  • Experience healing for trauma's including abortion, infertility, still born births, etc. 

Common themes explored during a session include the following and more.....

INVESTMENT: $150 for a 60 minute healing session 
(plan for 90 minutes in order to chat before and after the session)

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