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Awaken the magic within


Third Eye Development Classes

As a clairvoyant, the best way to develop your gift is through practice. Tools such as oracle cards, runes, tea leaves, scrying, etc. allow us to tap into our gifts, however true sight comes from within. You are your most powerful tool! In these classes we will activate your third eye through playful, practical activities. You will be guided on a magical journey into the realms of the Fairies and Unicorns, and you will meet your Spirit Animal. You will also receive take home tools that will allow you to continue to develop your gift of sight. All of this is done in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Join the fun today!

NEXT CLASS:  September 8th, 10:30am-12:30pm

LOCATION: Devic Center, Vanscoy SK


To register send a non-refundable deposit of $40 to


Chakra Balancing Workshop  

with Kevin Naidoo and Andrea Kehler

Join Andrea and Kevin for an evening of Chakra Balancing through yoga and meditation. We will begin the evening with a fun exercise that will show you where you may be holding any blockages or restrictions within your own body. Andrea will then speak to these blockages, allowing you to identify any wounds or emotions that may be suppressed there. Kevin will then lead you into an accessible physical practice using sound and movement to move through the chakras. We will close the evening with a guided meditation and yoga nidra, which will leave you feeling restored, balanced, and renewed.




Are you a studio owner/director and interested in inviting Andrea and her workshops into your space? Andrea currently travels around Canada sharing her offerings. Please inquire using the button below, and she will be happy to get back to you soon. 



What comes up for you when you hear the word witch? Are you afraid to come out of the "spiritual closet", afraid of what others might think? Perhaps the idea of others knowing you are even attending this class is scary! This is understandable as many of us we were burned at the stake, drowned, and persecuted for our beliefs. The beautiful truth is that redemption is here for us now. We are in a time and space where it is safe for us to express our gifts and re-claim our feminine power. We no longer have to hide, and that includes hiding from ourselves.

In this class we will support each other as women as we come together and face our shadows. We will work with the Goddess Kali, the destroyer of ego and liberator of darkness. You will be guided through a past life regression that will connect you with your inner witch. We will look at this aspect of self and clear away old belief systems, vows and fears. By bringing awareness and a voice to these issues we are able to liberate the soul. We will heal our inner witch as we bring in truth and light, carrying her gifts of wisdom forward into this time and space. This will be a powerful class as we are stronger together, supporting each other's greatness.

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Angel Card Reading Certification

IT'S BACK!!! Join Andrea Kehler (Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue) for a fun afternoon of exploring and receiving guidance from the Angelic Realm! We will be using Angel Cards as our medium, and you will leave this class with a certificate in Angel Card Reading. Discover how you can work with the Angels in your every day life and learn how to offer guidance to your friends and family.

In this class you will:

- Deepen your understanding around how the Angels are here to assist us

- Experience BOTH a third eye and heart awakening that will enhance your ability to Channel the Angelic Realm

- Discover how numerology, imagery and colors can bring insight into your readings

- Learn the various ways we communicate with Spirit and discover which way is unique to you

- Learn how to ground and protect yourself in order to create a safe environment while reading for others

- Discuss the ethics behind reading cards for others

- Learn Andrea's favorite card spreads and layouts

- Practice, practice, practice and so much more!!!

COURSE DATE:  January 2020


To register send a non-refundable deposit of $80 to

Natural Magic: Foundations  

Re-connect with your inner witch

The word  'witch'  has been tainted by negativity and shame for centuries now. This is beginning to change as women everywhere are taking a stand, taking back their power, and re-claiming their spiritual gifts.  Natural magic opens us up to a new way of experiencing the world around us. It invites all of us to live in harmony with the earth and to recognize the divine that exists within each of us. 

In this class we will study the history of witches and bring light to the distorted projections placed on the word "witch".  We will also study circle casting, the 4 elements, and the cycles of the moon. Discover how to work with the cycles of nature in your every day life. All of this will be woven together with rituals in order for us to fully experience the magic of the nature. Please note this class is designed for those witches committed to working with magik from a pure heart.  




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