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In order to professionally offer healing to others, we must first consider the vessel that this powerful energy will be travelling through. That vessel is YOU! 
The intention behind this course is to open you up to your truth and light. Together we will explore and clear old paradigms of social conditioning you may be carrying. We will study the chakra system as well as the foundations of working with energy. You will have a week to integrate and practice healing your own stories through practical tools before meeting again. In the second class we will practice reading each other's energetic field as we connect with our spiritual gifts . The class is kept small in order for Andrea to assess and guide each student into their own unique gifts. You will have the opportunity to practice and receive hands on healing in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The day will end with an attunement and a certificate. 

In this course you will....

- Learn how to manipulate energy through your vibration, thoughts & emotions
- Dive into the chakra system and discover how this system manifests physically, emotionally and spiritually in the body
- Practice reading each other's energetic fields with a focus on the chakras 
- Practice clearing your own stories with one week between sessions to integrate
- Discover how to channel Spirit in a way that is unique to you 
- Look deeper into the importance of grounding, shielding and protection 
- Practice reading the body, relaying messages to each other in a way that honours your own unique gifts 
- Receive powerful symbols through an attunement that will connect you with the healing vibration of Archangel Raphael, open and activate your chakras, open you up to your purpose, & SO MUCH MORE!


September 15th & 22nd


To register please send a non-refundable deposit of $160 to

Kindly respect that this course is designed solely for students who are ready to "do the work". If you are willing to face your ego, explore your shadows and transform through light and love, then this course is for you! 



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