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Studies have found that stress is the number one cause of many health problems. In Chinese Medicine it is believed that the mind and body are interconnected. Therefore our thoughts and emotions directly influence our physical health. When stress levels become to high, our brain, digestive tract, cardiovascular health, and hormonal systems begin to take a beating.


Join Andrea Kehler, Registered Acupuncturist, and experience healing that will bring you back into a state of balance and bliss. Enjoy the calming effects of Acupuncture through 5 stress reducing points unique to your constitution. Andrea will use pulse diagnosis to create a mini session that will calm your nervous system, remove energetic blockages, and boost your immune. Relax your mind through a guided meditation that will re-balance your chakras and melt away any last bit of stress within your body. All of this will be created for you in a safe, healing environment surrounded by the light and love of the Angels.


Seating is limited to 4, your e-transfer will guarantee your spot. Please dress in loose comfortable clothing.

NEXT CLASS:  MARCH 5th, 6:00pm-7:15pm

INVESTMENT:  $55 (covered through most health insurance plans)

If you are interested in attending email Andrea at

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