New Earth Angel Reiki is an advanced program for practitioners interested in bringing transformational healing to their clients.
The foundation of this program is built on the understanding that everything we experience in life from the time of conception becomes stored within our central nervous system. We carry these stories within our cellular memory and  over time the traumatic stories begin to manifest physically.  This awareness allows us as practitioners to take our clients deeper. With the help of the Angels and Guides we are able to take our clients back to the root of the life experience they are carrying. This may look like healing the inner child, adolescent self, or a past life. The magic happens as we guide our clients into their story in order to clear false beliefs with truth and light. This is done through the power of the Angelic Consciousness. By clearing these lower vibrations we create more space within our clients to stand authentically and radiate unconditional love. The more love we are able to carry within, the higher the vibration we are able to hold. When we come together from this place of love we hold within us the power to shift the vibration of the earth.  This program has been channeled  through Andrea from a place of compassion, empowerment, and unconditional love. The protocols taught are based upon 10 years of clinical experience.

In this program you will....

  • Re-connect with all aspects of yourself, the first step towards self love

  • Re-inforce your understanding of the chakra system and discover how to read the stories we all carry within our body 

  • Learn protocols that will teach you how to working with the inner child and adolescent self

  • Learn how to clear and protect yourself from attachments and psychic attack 

  • Learn how to guide & empower your clients to face their shadows, transforming their pain at the root with the light of the Angels  

  • Develop and re-claim your own unique spiritual gifts and channeling abilities

  • Deepen your connection to the New Earth healing team of Angels and Guides  

  • Receive a powerful attunement that will initiate you into the vibration of the New Earth, connect you to the heart of Gaia, access the unconditional love of the Angelic Consciousness and more!  

  • Participate in reiki circles which will allow to you practice and receive energy healing 

Receive new and powerful symbols that will attune you to the heart of Gaia,  activate DNA codes, open your third eye, connect you with the unconditional love of the Angelic Consciousness and so much more!

Join the movement, apply today!


"I am an Intuitive Healer and New Earth Angel Reiki has transformed my practice. I am a seer, knower, feeler and it is through this class that not only these senses but all of my senses have gained increasing clarity and depth.
To work in concert with the Angelic Realm has opened my heart and defined my purpose with being witness to the transformational shifts I have seen within myself and my clients thus far. The Angelic energy is such a light, high vibrating beautiful energy and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to be a small part of a larger picture to assist in shifting consciousness and awareness on earth at this time along side the Angels.
Andrea is a loving, gentle soul who brings so much light and love to her students and this earth. There are no words for the gift she is to this world and for how her teachings have enriched my life personally and professionally."   



Level One: May 8th, 2021 

Level Two: May 15th, 2021 

***Please note in order to fully benefit from this program both levels must be taken simultaneously. 


INVESTMENT: $330 for each level 

(Payment plans are available)

PHONE: 306-713-1261

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