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This course completes the New Earth Angel Reiki Practitioner series. Not only will it take you into a higher vibration but it will allow you to hold space for your clients transformations as well.  In this course you will learn how to tap into the ancient wisdom of the Universe, guiding your clients through all directions of space in time. We will focus on studying past lives in this course as well as connecting to deceased loved ones. This course is complete with an attunement with powerful symbols that will root you in the vibration of the New Earth. 

In this course you will:

  • Re-connect with all aspects of self in order to discover and claim your authenticity

  • Learn a protocol that will take you through all dimensions of space and time in order to clear past lives and karmic patterns

  • Learn how to clear phobias and deep rooted emotion that may be preventing your clients from moving forward

  • Learn how to clear and protect yourself from attachments and psychic attack 

  • Learn a protocol that will allow your clients to meet with their deceased loved one's higher self

  • Bring healing and closure to your clients who are dealing with grief

  • Re-connect to the wisdom of the Universe that already resides within you

  • Align and shift into the 5th dimension of the New Earth   

  • Receive new and powerful symbols that will attune you to the feminine power of Isis, accessing all planes of time and space, the wisdom & knowledge of Archangel Metatron, and more! 


  • Stay connected through a private Facebook group that will keep you current on universal energy shifts

  • Advertise your business on Andrea's Practitioner's Page which will allow you to build your client base

Receive new and powerful sacred geometric symbols that will activate your ability to connect with the Akashic Records and tap into the universal wisdom of Archangel Metatron


- You have completed New Earth Angel Reiki Level 1, 2

- You have been practicing New Earth Angel Reiki on clients for a minimum of  4 months

-You have been continuing your own inner healing journey, facing your shadows and clearing old limiting beliefs 



"It's so hard to put my experience into words. Taking Andrea's Angel Reiki course forever changed my Reiki practice and opened me up to my own gifts and experiences that I never knew were possible. The knowledge, confidence and experience I gained from taking the course continues to amaze me. Andrea's guidance and wisdom forever changed me as a practitioner and as a person."




May 3, 2020: 10am-3:30pm  


(lunch & workbook included) 

Monthly payment plans are available

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