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Featuring interviews with 
Radleigh Valentine & Melissa Virtue

'Angel Healing Party'

Join Andrea as she interviews guests around the world including Radleigh Valentine (co-author of Angel Card Tarot), Melissa Virtue (author of Magical Dream Journeys) & more!  Each interview will offer you insight and practical tools that will assist you on your spiritual journey. 
What listeners are saying..
“I just listened to your radio show about healing pain. I have to say you did an amazing job and really spoke to my soul. Not many can reach in so deep and I wanted to thank you. Through your guided meditation I was able to reach into my inner child, and have an eye opening understanding into the feeling of betrayal that has been a challenge in my life. I actually visualized it all in great detail and felt the pain very intensely as I hugged this child. My heart felt understanding and accepting of her.  Thank you so much for helping me open up to this”.                   -Teresa


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