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1-on-1 Mentorship Programs

Group classes coming soon!

"At some point or another, most of us come to a junction in life where we have to decide: are we going to step into our highest, truest, expression of ourselves, or are we going to choose to stay the same."

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There is more light hitting our planet stronger, and more rapidly than ever before! This can create fast awakenings, intense activations of our gifts, and a feeling of not fully being in your body. It can feel overwhelming to process all of this information.

I would love to guide you through your Acension process if this speaks to you!


Do you feel like an outsider on this planet? 

Do you feel like part of your mission is to assist humanity?

Do you consider yourself and empath and the heaviness of this world is to much? 

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you may have a soul agreement to assist this planet with the great awakening. Many light workers signed up to be here now to assist with the Ascension of the planet. We are here to usher in a new earth, to raise the frequency of this planet using light and love as our weapon, in order to break down old structures of division, hate and fear on this planet.

This can feel lonely and overwhelming at times. Andrea holds within her heart, the gift of the mystic, the ability to see and bridge 2 worlds together. She sees the big picture, and channels Archangel Metatron in order to assist you out of the matrix (3D vibrational plane) and into the new earth (5D vibrational plane). During a session you will explore and clear any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential, and access the necessary tools that will allow you to merge with your higher self. Through the power of awareness and the angelic consciousness, you will leave the session feeling empowered, fully activated in your spiritual gifts, standing in your higher purpose. 




When we are centered we are able to stay present. This also allows us to discern our own energy opposed to someone else’s. It also allows us to exist in a world of chaos without being influenced. Andrea will teach you practical tools that will allow you to become more self aware, grounded and present.  When we are grounded we connect our own energy to Mother Earth. If you are feeling scattered, or you are spending a lot of time in your head, grounding can help you feel stable and calm.  There are many ways to protect our energetic field and Andrea will channel and guide you to discover tools that will work for you.


Every life experience becomes stored within our central nervous system. We process our physical environment through our mental plane, which then influences our chakra system, our meridians, and finally our muscles, organs, tissues and cells. If the emotions or stories are traumatic we are often unable to process them immediately, and we sub-consciously suppress them. Overtime this suppressed energy blocks the flow of energy which creates disease in the body.  Andrea channels the Angelic Consciousness and will gently re-connect you with lost or fragmented parts of your self.  Through the power of the Archangels and your own inner wisdom, you will transform lower vibrational energy such as fear, shame, anger & guilt back into light and love.



How to work with Angels & Guides

Life as an Empath

Healing the Inner Child

the possibilities are endless! 

INVESTMENT: $150 for 75 minutes

Do you find you are constantly picking up energy from the world around you?

Do you feel tired or experience physical pain after being 'out in the world'?

Or perhaps you experience feeling of not fully being in your body.

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