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This program is designed for those of you who are ready to face your shadows, liberate your soul, and re-claim your truth. You will be guided through breath work, yoga, chanting, practical activities, shared wisdom & so much more! Join Kevin and Andrea for a transformational experience, supported in an environment of unconditional love & non-judgement.


AUGUST 1st-22nd:  SOLD OUT


Week One: Observe, Feel & Listen
In this class we will explore the physical body. Within our cellular memory we carry stories, emotions, and generational karma. Kevin and Andrea will offer you tools that will allow you to become introspective in order to bring healing. 

Week Two: Inner Freedom
In this class we will break through old paradigms, limiting beliefs, and emotional wounds. We will connect with all aspects of ourselves including the inner child and adolescent self. Kevin and Andrea will offer you tools that will allow you to re-claim your voice, as well as your power.

Week Three: Shadow Self
In this class we will connect with the aspects of ourselves that create suffering, shame, blame and fear. We will bring back a sense of balance between the light and dark within. Kevin and Andrea will also explore tools of protection, with a special focus on empaths. 

Week Four: Self Love
Everything that you have released and cleared will now be integrated into the vibration you are ready to step into. Kevin and Andrea will offer you tools that will bring you back into heart space as you experience self forgiveness, self compassion, and self love. Leave this class feeling transformed and proud of yourself for all you have accomplished! 


To register please send an email to Andrea at stating why you would like to participate in this program. We will only be working with 4 people.


A non-refundable deposit of $222 will reserve your spot.
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