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4 Part Yoga/Meditation Series 

Guided by Kevin & Andrea 

Are you looking for a safe place to escape the chaos of both your mind and physical environment?

Are you ready to experience your fullest expression of self?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this 4 part series is for you. Andrea and Kevin will guide you back into your heart space through love and self compassion exercises. Together we will explore several meditation techniques, breath work, and yoga. There will also be practical exercises assigned at the end of each class which will allow you to take your practice deeper.



In this class we will practice breathing techniques and a Pratyahara Meditation that will bring us into the present moment. It is within this space that we begin to connect with our truth, and discover who we are beyond this physical form. This will be followed by a blind folded yin practice. When we close ourselves off to sensory stimulation we truly discover sacred union within.


In this class you will experience a Guided Meditation that will teach you how to connect with your cosmic body, witnessing your quantum potential. It is from within this space that we can manifest our heart’s desires. This will be followed by a creative yoga flow that will root down your intention into your physical, emotional, and mental bodies bringing balance and harmony.


Week Three: SELF LOVE

In this class you will experience a Metta Meditation which will bring you into a place of self compassion and forgiveness. All of the love that is cultivated within this state of meditation will then be sealed with a fiery yoga practice. We will explore several different postures connecting us to both the shadow and light within.



In this class you will experience meditation from a place gratitude. This meditation will bring us into our heart space, allowing us to cultivate more happiness and positive thinking in our lives. This will be followed by a gentle yoga practice that will invoke joy, presence and complete union of body, mind, and soul.

This series has been designed to guide you back home as you re-connect with your authentic self. You will receive tools at the end of every class that will allow you to incorporate the class material into your every day life. PLEASE BRING A JOURNAL TO CLASS as there will be questions to reflect upon each week.



DATES: Monday evenings in November

TIMES: 6pm-7:15pm (PDT)

Are you a studio owner/director and interested in hosting a workshop in your space?
Andrea currently travels around BC, Canada sharing her offerings.
To inquire click on the button below.

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