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"Behind our pain there is a story. Suppressed emotion, trauma and limiting beliefs all directly influence our health. In order for true healing to occur, we must address the mind, body and soul collectively."

New Earth Angel Reiki is rooted in the understanding that everything we experience in life from the time of conception becomes stored within our central nervous system. We carry these stories within our cellular memory and over time the traumatic stories begin to manifest physically.  Andrea holds the intention for each of her clients to gently unravel the hidden emotions suppressed behind the pain which may include shame, fear, anxiety, anger, and generational trauma. When we are able to bring awareness to what our sub-conscious mind is carrying, deep healing can occur and we can live a more authentic life.

Andrea invites the powerful healing vibration of the Angelic Realm into every session in order to create a safe, non-judgemental environment. Every session is designed to empower the client, reminding them that the power to heal their lives comes from within.


Andrea is phenomenal with her healing! She has done distance reiki for my kids and has helped them with their fears within one session. I would highly recommend as she is very knowledgeable and caring!

- Janelle


  • Restoring balance to the chakra system which will allow children to feel more grounded 

  • Offer tools of protection to spiritually sensitive children who can see beyond the veil

  • Clear out stagnant energy carried within the chakra system which can manifest as stomachaches, headaches, and other aches and pains in the body

  • Offer tools to the empathic child if they are carrying the energy from classmates and those around them

  • Calm the central nervous system, relieving anxiety and stress

  • Discover tools that will help the spiritually sensitive child sleep better at night & much more!

Being an empath and hypersensitive child herself, Andrea has a huge heart for other children with the same gifts. She understands the challenges that come along with this gift, and stands behind the assistance New Earth Angel Reiki can offer. Through the use of hands on healing, and channeled messages from the Angelic Realm, children will leave the session feeling supported, relaxed, and most importantly seen. 


  • Restores balance to the chakra system which will allow you to feel more grounded in your every day life, making decisions from a place of empowerment opposed to fear

  • Heal childhood trauma through awareness and the assistance of the Angels

  • Heal past lives and generational trauma

  • Calm the central nervous system, relieving anxiety and stress

  • Discover suppressed emotions and belief systems that are creating physical pain & more!


45 MINUTES:  $90 
1 HOUR:  $110
CHILDREN (under 12):  $65


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