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Angelic guidance channeled throughout all dimensions of time and space for the highest and greatest good of all. 

I have been to see Andrea for a number of Angel Card Readings. Even when we’ve done the readings via Zoom, I have found them to be an incredibly powerful and rich experience. Andrea is so gentle and compassionate, and does a great job of creating a sense of ease and safety for the sessions. I highly recommend her services!



We begin our journey together with Archangel Metatron, the record keeper of the Akashic records. Andrea will guide you into the Akashic record room where you will have access to your own personal database. Every lifetime you experienced is recorded in these books, including soul contracts, karmic agreements, previous persecution, the dimensions you existed in & more! During an Akashic Reading you are invited to ask anything your heart desires. Andrea becomes the bridge between you and Archangel Metatron, holding space for you to receive guidance, healing, activations, and more. During a session you may experience any of the following & more...

  • Returning to your home planet, re-connecting with your star family, witnessing previous lifetimes as mermaids, elementals, queens, dictators, witches and more!

  • Receiving downloads & light code activations that open up your spiritual gifts

  • Clearing previous soul contracts made in past lives that are prohibiting you from fully moving forward in this life

  • Re-aligning with your soul's purpose

  • Receiving guidance and clarity to any personal question you have & more!



During a past life reading you will be guided into another dimension of space and time to explore several past lives. You will step into the lifetime where there is important information for you to become aware of, that is holding you back from reaching your fullest potential in this life. Andrea works with the Angels in order to bring in deep healing and divine wisdom. These readings are for clients who would like to....

  • Break free from old karmic relationships 

  • Re-awaken and discover your spiritual gifts, carrying them forward from previous lifetimes

  • Overcome past-life fear & phobias that prevent you from fully being here now

  • Understand what is behind chronic health concerns

  • Break through old limiting beliefs, break vows, & so much more

I recently had a reading with Andrea that has left me feeling free and empowered.  We moved through some of my blocks, and with that it allowed me to open up and really stand in my truth.  Andrea has an incredible gift of helping people ascend and empowers them to take hold of their journey with love.  I am so grateful for Andrea as a teacher and a guide on this path and would recommend her readings 100%.  

- Krista B.



The concept behind this reading is rooted in the belief that every life experience becomes stored within our central nervous system. We process our physical environment through our mental plane, which then influences our chakra system, our meridians, and finally our muscles, organs, tissues and cells. If the emotions or stories are traumatic we are often unable to process them immediately, and we sub-consciously suppress them. Overtime this suppressed energy blocks the flow of energy which creates disease in the body.

During a transforming trauma reading, Andrea channels the Angelic Consciousness and uses long distance New Earth Angel Reiki to unlock the areas in the physical body that are carrying pain. Through the power of the Archangels, you will transform lower vibrational energy such as fear, shame, anger & guilt back into light and love. When we are able to face the root of our pain, we are able to restore balance back into our body. Andrea also offers practical tools that will deepen the healing experience outside of the session. 

Healing Trauma Readings include the following and more...

  • Sexual Assault, Physical or Emotional Abuse

  • Abortion

  • Grief through the loss of a loved one 

  • Addiction such as alcoholism or abuse 

  • Generational Trauma  ​

  • Eating disorders

  • Birth trauma & more!





An E-mail reading is ONLY available for clients who are interested in an Angel Card Reading. This entitles you to one question (for example should I stay in this career? What do I need to know about my health, relationship, etc.) Andrea will respond to your question by emailing you a video with your channeled message, and a photo of the oracle cards that were pulled. You will receive your reading within 48 hours of your payment. 

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Andrea is a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue, & has been channeling the Angels professionally for 10 years.




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