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Acupuncture is a form of Chinese Medicine that dates back 2,000 years. This ancient technique takes a whole-body approach and offers a natural, safe way to restore balance and promote healing. The theory behind Chinese Medicine begins with the concept of "Qi" or life force energy. This energy flows through pathways, which are called meridians within the body. These meridians provide nourishment for every cell, tissue, muscle and organ. When this flow becomes blocked or imbalanced, dis-ease occurs and symptoms may arise. 

During a treatment fine, sterile needles will be inserted into specific acupoints along the meridian. Each acupoint has it's own function and directly influences the body once stimulated. This treatment will remove any obstruction within the meridian, opening it and allowing Qi to flow freely again.


Andrea believes that in order to fully heal, one must consider the state of the mind, body & spirit. Every client comes in to the clinic with their own unique stories and history. All of our life experiences are carried within the body, and if these experiences were traumatic in any way emotions can become suppressed, blocking the natural flow of energy. When assessing each client, Andrea will scan the body for these emotional blockages, as well as consider the state of the meridians, chakras, and auric field. Through the use of Acupuncture and several other healing modalities, Andrea works with your Angels & Guides to bring in healing at a multi-dimensional level. 



Tongue and pulse diagnosis  

Traditional Acupuncture Session

Fire cupping (if needed)

Sound healing with tuning forks (if needed)



A standard acupuncture session AND any of the following additions your body may be asking for...

  • Discover and release trapped emotions behind your physical pain 

  • Experience deep meditation through sacred geometric patterns 

  • Release the past and move forward in your life

  • Experience downloads & light activations 

  • Re-connect with your purpose and higher self  

  • Heal and clear generational patterns and imprints 


An acupuncture session designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation

Along with your choice of Intuitive Reading

Click here for more information on Past Life Readings & Inner Child Healing

All sessions are 60 minutes and covered by most health insurance plans

If you are unable to make your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. Kindly respect that there is a wait list, and a cancellation fee will be applied for the full value of the missed appointment.
  • Morning sickness/nausea

  • Hormonal migraines 

  • Sacral and low back pain

  • Trauma from previous births

  • Miscarriage

Induction treatments beginning at 37 weeks will....

  • ripen the cervix,

  • help baby descend, 

  • initiate contractions

  • open the hips 

Reiki is also included if fear or trauma is sub-consciously restricting your body from fully opening.



PRE-BIRTH TREATMENTS involve a series of four treatments weekly from 37 weeks to prepare for labour. Points are used according to a woman's constitution and pregnancy history. This may include points used to assist in ripening the cervix,  positioning  the baby in the best presentation for labour and to help baby descend. Andrea also considers the emotional state of both mom and baby. This is evaluated by assessing the chakra system, and scanning the body for areas that may be carrying suppressed emotions. When sub-conscious blockages are cleared the body can further relax and surrender to the process. 

BREECH BABIES are ideally treated between 34 - 36 weeks gestation. This is often a one off treatment with women being shown how to continue treatment at home with a moxa stick (a herb that has been shaped into a cigar like stick). Andrea tunes into the emotional body of both mom and baby as well during this treatment.

During each treatment Andrea offers her clients take home tools as well as acupressure points that will further support the natural process of labour. 


"Just wanted to thank you again for the treatment, I felt a hundred times better yesterday after the treatment! I’m really enjoying them and feeling so positive about how it’s going. I slept great last night, and feel really good today. Thank you so much for your compassion and for listening to me it’s hard for me to open up to people and trust them to share my story with but I feel completely at ease with you and you have made me feel safe which is huge in my world! Your amazing!!!! You have a gift to be treasured, and the fact that you can help others while you have had to overcome and process your own trauma is wonderful. I’m looking forward to the next treatment!"